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Alkaline Water for Better Health: Benifits, Side Effects

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Water is a basic necessity for the sustenance of human life. It forms a major part of the body and almost 2-4 liters of water is required daily. Water forms a major constituent of the blood as well. Hence it is mandatory that the water we drink should be pure and healthy.
There must be a method to increase the purity of the tap water without having to spend money on bottled water. Water can be classified as acidic and alkaline based on its pH value.

Water with pH value less than 7 is acidic and is infested by bacteria and virus. The alkaline water with pH values greater than 7 helps in neutralizing the acidic content of the body and in removing the toxins. Thus the alkalization of the water is beneficial for a healthy life.
What’s pH Got to Do With It?

The pH balance of a substance refers to whether it is an acid or a base. The scale runs from 1 to 14, with those rating between 1 to 6 considered an acid, and those with ratings of 7 to 14 being considered a base, or alkaline.

The pH balance of the human body is somewhere around 7.35, which is itself alkaline. Maintaining this balance through eating and consuming less acidic foods and drinks and more alkaline foods and drinks is thought to be one of the keys to living a longer, healthier life.
To neutralize the effects of acidic foods and drinks on our body, it is suggested to drink three to four liters of water per day that has a pH balance of 8 or 9. Pure water has a pH balance of 7, though as a result of contaminants and other chemicals in the water supply, most drinking water never has this balance.

Adding Alkaline Ingredients to the Water

Of all the methods to raise drinking water pH, this option is the most cost-effective. For those who do not have access to a distiller or ionizer, alkaline ingredients can be added to drinking water.

Adding lemons or lemon juice is the simplest way to achieve this, and this is something many people already do on a regular basis to make the taste of the water more pleasurable.

Other options include using a pH booster that is readily available in many stores and is safe for consumption, though many scientists claim the water should be distilled before adding these boosters.

Drinking alkaline water may be one of the best ways to remain in control of your health.

Home Water Distillers, Ionizers and Filters

The usage of normal filters is quite popular because they are cheap and provide pure water. The same thing applies to kettle purifiers as well. The water is free from impurities but they are not exactly healthy.

The distillers, Ionizers and Reverse Osmosis Filter help in improving the quality of the water as well. They provide pure and healthy water. They not only purify the water, but also remove the acid content in the water.

Home Water Distillers

The home water distillers heat the water coming from tap to form steam. The steam is then allowed to condense back.

This rids the water off the bacteria and viruses. This also manages to remove all mineral contents in the water like metals etc. This process is similar to that of the rainfall.

The distilled water is pure and devoid of any material in the water. The absence of minerals in the water does not cause any side effects in the body and the body is capable of maintain its balance. The water is more alkaline and has more oxygen present in it.

Water Ionizers

The water ionizers are used for purifying the water by an electro-chemical method. A positively charged anode and negatively the charged cathode is used in this method. The water is passed through such a setup to separate the water.

The alkaline water is then collected from one electrode and is used for drinking. The acidic water is then removed from the other electrode and is generally used for a cleansing purpose. The alkaline and acidic content of the water are present in a ratio of 7:3.

Reverse Osmosis Filter

The reverse osmosis method involves a semi-permeable membrane for purifying the water. The water from tap is fed into a membrane to filter the water. The membrane is generally fine in nature and this process is called hyper-filtration.

The membrane used allows the water to pass through it but filters out all other particles present in the water. This method is used for removing bacteria, dyes and other harmful content.

This also manages to remove certain salts, sugars and protein particles from the water. This makes the water pure from all wanted and unwanted particles.

They can be used for obtaining pure water in terms of gallons without much cost. The membrane used is self-cleaning and hence need not be replaced quite often.


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